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anyone know this *** and how we can get off his mailing list.

he has somehow hijacked my email and emails me several times a day using my own email.

this is a spam tactic so he *** gets through my spam blocker,, so now i have to block myself to get it to stop or change my email address and tell thousands of customers..

This reviewer shared experience about "interfered with " and wants this business to "jail all spammers". privateequity is overall dissatisfied with Text Ad Sender and uploaded picture s. The most disappointing about other product at Text Ad Sender was i never met him, i have no business with him and he has no business spamming me every day Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Kenny,, you should keep a low profile. you mouth and actions are getting you in some hot water.

nothing you claim here is damaging to me,, but every thing my office claimed on you is accurate, you run a spam scam, and we traced all this activity to you..

breaching corporate email servers is a federal crime, and as you see from my site,, we are heavy with compliance and reporting scammers..

you are on the list my friend.

to fromano Salisbury, North Carolina, United States #1077657

Keep My mouth shut about what. It looks like someone might have spoofed my email.

that is why After your months of IP Expects as you call them have not bother to touch me, You need better IP people to figure whats going on. And you calling and leaving me a message telling me you are gonna kick my *** and brake my neck as been reported to Charlotte Police Department , along with the false claims you made on this site. So who are you telling to keep the mouth shut? Also The claims made about your company shows and proves you are a scam.

Sorry if you and your IP people are to *** to track the real spammers, and also you even posted things I don't own in your claim, So it again just proves you are complaining to the wrong people about the wrong things. You need to take this FALSE and wrong post down, Because after all the people reading are more yours then mine worry. I am sure more people search for your Big and millions of people on your email list as you said on the phone message, You are just hurting yourself Frank Romano, I will post Youtube Links here of that great voice message, I am sure your Big List of customers would love to hear what you sounds like, and how you go from Mr. nice guy to Mr.

Monster in just 10 seconds. AS if you forgot to take your Bi-Polor Meds or something. Instead of threating me like you did, you should have stayed Mr. Nice guys, because Frank Romano, I might would have tired to help you and your sorry IP people and your many Big shoot lawyers, Oh I am still waiting to hear from them, Frank, what has been like 6 months??

If If any spam was being sent, My web server from my mail servers would have alerted me, Sorry Frank, Spamming people is not worth my time. Either is Dealing was people like you, that thinks they more then they do.

Have a nice day Frank, before you start cussing the next person you need to help you You need to keep your mouth shut. You really should be fired from your Job, Good Customer server does not include calling a person on the phone and making threats on them. Maybe the local News in your area would like to hear your message and I will show them the scamming research I found about you and your company, there is page after page of scam.

Funny if you would have just called me before you made this scamming post your live would be better, because if you google your name frank, this *** comes up.

with your name and company. I hope you learned something Frank Romano, of Harbour Equity Partners, at Address: 1648 Taylor Rd, Port Orange, FL 32128

Phone:(631) 757-9700


CMPD Complaint number 20150923165504 has been filed for Franks little phone call, I guess they dont take threats so lightly?

It will take up to 48 hours to show on-line.

But is it real *** Frank, It is Real.

Dude you are gonna accuse people of something, Make sure you got your facts right.. And you just proved yourself very well. You will have a warrant in NC.

I guess you drove a lot of NY to FL, You better not get pulled over, they will take you right to jail.

Have a nice day.

Salisbury, North Carolina, United States #1037999

Port Orange Police Department was happy to hear from me, nice move Frank Romano


22 Jan 2015

Our Blacklist now available on

Comments Off gold scams, Harbour Equity Partners

We have recently added the Blacklist on our website, which is a list of sellers and brokers that we have been in contact with and who we feel are less then legitimate participants in our business with an above average amount of pubic complaints made on forums. Most recently we have added the Blacklist on youtube under the Harbour Equity Partners Channel.

This channel will include video of business in west Africa and the scammers that try to scam.

In addition to sharing the video with the public to show how to avoid the 419ers we also make the video available to all law enforcement in the US and Africa which may be helpful in identifying this new culture of criminal.

let us know if you recognize anyone.


Blacklist Notification

1 Comment » Harbour Equity Partners

Harbour Equity Partners – Gold Scam Updated - 2/05/15

Due to this post we have Saved dozens of investors from people who we have had dealings with listed below. Also important to note that not all people listed are scammers, and are noted to just simply note doing business appropriately which will cost you money..

please be aware of what you are doing when transacting at all times, and do not pay anyone upfront. David or James Mueller – Pretends to be a US lender BUT can not answer questions about loans, ??? email address as no history ( just created today ) and we found his location: see below.

P Address Location Nigeria, Lagos, Ikeja Latitude, Longitude 6.59422, 3.33748 (6°35’39″E 3°20’15″N) Connection through IP Block Assigned for MTN N Corporate Clients Local Time 07 Feb, 2015 07:25 PM (UTC +01:00) Net Speed DSL Area Code 01 IDD Code 234 ZIP Code 102103 Weather Station Mushin (NIXX0014) Mobile Country Code (MCC) - Mobile Network Code (MNC) - Carrier Name - Elevation 40m Usage Type (COM) Commercial Mrs.S Batiments, claims to be in investments, claims to be in the US and operates on linked. After a trace we see that she, or he is located 6 hours ahead of us in the eastern time zone.

That puts her in Somalia ? Be careful. Mohammed bangoura, so he claims to be the owner and negociates with us to ship product at his cost to us in Ghana. a week later is ready so we send him to meet our inspector.

then nothing ??? his explanation ?

he claims we operate a business in Ghana and the inspector has lived in Ghana for years and is not the buyer. Strange right ?, so when we say thanks for your time,,

Salisbury, North Carolina, United States #1037970

Good readings:

It was a tacit of your boss Frank Ramano to tell the brokers that their loans where fruadulant to shake them loose. He pulled that move with on a SFR construction deal in Vegas.

lovit your a *** bag go back to the gutter in crawled out of.

ttmugh you do the same.

by SPICOLLI June 20, 2008 12:00 AM

His responds: Yeah dirt bag you know where I´m at. Come find me and I´ll knock your teeth down your throat.

Learn to structure a sentence jack ***. By the way what misspelled words.


Search Harbor Equity Partners scam in google over 21K bad things posted about this losers


Just Proves that they are the same people using fake accounts, See privateequity is from NY and Lilian Hunt is from FL.

SCAM LOSERS. No I am gonna make my own review for

harbour equity partners

1648 Taylor Rd, Port Orange, FL 32128

(631) 757-9700

Have a nice day Frank.


Harbor Equity Partners

1648 Taylor Rd, Port Orange, FL 32128

(631) 757-9700

Funny how these scammers has a new york number and in listed in FL. Seems like these guys are a bunch of losers.


And Frank Romano just told me he is gonna kick my ***,,, lol you guys are a bunch of clowns... I got his message Saves I would love to share what Frank has to say...

It just show that Harbor Equity Partners are about at number 631 757 9700.

I am gonna file complaints about your message of threats with the NYPD.. Now Frank you *** yourself!

to Anonymous #1037956

Now you loser are calling me and hanging up... jerks.

Orlando, Florida, United States #1037927

the owner of out company is calling you,, his name is frank romano.

lets see how fake that feels when he is done with you.

to Lilian Hunt #1037939

Wow he is gonna kick my ***, Big guy from the other side of the phone. I see why your company sucks, I hope the rest of the world spams the *** out of you.

to Lilian Hunt #1037958

Lilian Hunt , Did you mean Our? You should learn to spell, freaking loser

to Lilian Hunt #1077658

Yep Lilan Hunt - He Called I saved the message, I feel great, he left a nice message he was gonna kick my ***, great boos you have there. Has he kicked your ***. He seems to have a bit of a temper, what a loser.


So I am the one be accused of spaming someone,

Lets see here below

I seen a Fake Number Posted by people who hide behind this sites fake account.

Seems like a bunch of loser are here.

Also when the jerks that says I am spamming, Just spammed their link below, You guys are a bright as a bunt out light

Funny Someone said something about My Spelling, Seems like some *** id trying to make troubles...

Have a nice day, Keeps posting spam links here and call some one a spammer, and not a singlr one of you jerks posted any proof. Shows how little class you have, hide hide hide.


305-944-9101 and ask for Jeff Zellar. is a fake number is like this complaint.

New York, New York, United States #1037360

I agree with Lilian,, This kenny Lessing has been linked to the spam..

when you promote a website for the purpose of generating traffic,,the site owner is the one that benefits,, the sad thing is that Kenny Lessing is the owner of all of these sites.

i too do not care to have my email used to spam myself with this junk,, find another job kenny,, we are filing a complaint with all ISPs that allow their customers to do this activity,, hopefully you are shut down soon..

No one needs this *** you are selling

Sample of the many messages we would get from this guy who scraps the internet looking for people to spam.


Heya Team... Start Earning for REAL! If you are not earning an extra $2500 per week on your part-time or secondary job, then you need to see this. He suggested that you act fast because there are only very limited slots. Go here: Regards, Patrick of TN, USA From : (my email address) ================================

to privateequity #1037363

From Rich Alino..

we have traction on a compliant.. anyone that has this same issue please call 305-944-9101 and ask for Jeff Zellar.

Reference Kenny Lessing ( Spammer )

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